The Rørpost Exhibit will be on display at the Discovery Centre, Nova Scotia’s hands on science centre, from September 16 – October 5, 2017 and will be a featured venue of the World Energy Cities Partnership AGM.

“Our purpose is to bring international artists together using collaboration as a pipeline for the flow of creative energy, the development of friendships, and the celebration of the freedom of expression.”

Rørpost collaboration process

Artists from two international collectives form a joint working group to manage the logistics of the collaboration process. The joint working group randomly selects partnerships from the group of participating artists.

Each artist begins a work on paper. The size and weight of the paper is determined by the joint working group. The artists are free to select the subject matter and the media on paper. They begin a piece and then mail these beginning marks to their partner. Their partner completes the work and then returns the piece to the original artist. The artists then create a response piece in their own medium of choice based on the collaborative paper experience.

Rørpost Art Focus, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada / Blå Døre, Esbjerg, Denmark

January 2017 until present — The two art collectives ArtFocus, Halifax and the Blå Døre, Esbjerg are currently collaborating using the Rørpost process. The collaboration includes 24 artists from ArtFocus and 24 artists from the Blå Døre. The end result will be 96 works of art, 48 works on paper and 48 works of mixed media. Each partnership will develop their own global narrative as a result of the collaboration process.

ArtFocus Halifax, Canada, has evolved out of Visual Arts Nova Scotia. Their primary purpose as a group is to provide the opportunity for members to meet with other artists and discuss topics of mutual interest. Members have work in collections across Canada and around the world including the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, France, Norway, Poland, Hungary, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, the Philippines, India, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Blå Døre Esbjerg, Denmark, was formed to establish an annual event called Åbne Døre / Open Doors in 2002. Members have had or have exhibitions in (Berlin) Germany, (London) Great Britain, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Monaco, Russia, Rumania, Korea and Japan. Members have also exhibited in the USA, specifically, New York, California, Texas and (Seattle) Washington. Twenty-one members of the Blå Døre participated in the first Rørpost International Art Collaboration 2015/2016 together with twenty-one artists from Houston, Texas, USA.